Our international team of researchers are conducting a comparative study of urbanisation and differentiation of neighbourhoods in 14 different cities across Africa and Asia, including: Bangladesh, China, the Philippines, Rwanda, South Africa and Tanzania. This research part of the study includes the following four major Research Task Packages (RTPs):

  • examine the relationship between urbanisation, migration, economic development, health and social sustainability.
  • establish the emerging pattern of neighbourhood distribution.
  • categorise residential areas and to conduct detailed neighbourhood-level research.
  • develop an integrative and comparative analysis.

RTP1 resulted in a series city profile reports and many journal articles and RTP2 resulted in a set of reports, research summaries as well as journal articles. The city profile reports and research summaries were published here early.  The most recent and forthcoming publications will be a set of ‘City Report’ which based on the original works of the RTP 3 and 4 conducted under the very difficult conditions of Covid-19 pandemic. RTP 3 include a major household survey (about 1000 households in each city covering 5 different income bands of neighbourhoods) and a series of focus group interviews conducted by teams in the case study cities. To enable cross country comparison, the household survey and focus group adopted a common questionnaire and framework by all teams. These valuable quantitative and qualitative data will be shared with the international research community through the UK Dada Service – ReShare.