Halligey A, Ahmed. I., Rahman, M.F., Ruszczyk, H.A., and Sudha, S. (2020) ‘Ethics as Negotiated and Emergent in a Study of Liveability in Small Cities’, Sentio Journal  Special Issue on Ethics of Research Project Life Cycle, 91-93


This article explores participatory research methods used as part of a small research project exploring ‘liveability’ in two small cities in Bangladesh and offers three primary areas for ethical considerations:

  1. Differing institutional bases
  2. Ethics inflected by disciplines, and
  3. Concerns as a team of researchers working together.


This article was produced as part of the research project ‘Liveable Regional Cities in Bangladesh’, which was funded by the Centre for Sustainable, Healthy and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods (SHLC)’s Capacity Development Acceleration Fund