Watch SHLC’s animation on urban sprawl that highlights the importance of peri-urban level neighbourhood planning in addressing livability, environmental, and urban service challenges caused by uncontrolled industrialization and urbanization in the Dhaka region.

Fueled by unaffordable living costs in the main city, population boom, and uncontrolled industrialization, Dhaka has been sprawling rapidly since 1991. Unplanned neighbourhoods in the peri-urban areas are choked by congestion, narrow roads, overflowing garbage, and inadequate drainage and sanitation. In the sprawling areas, nature’s balance is thrown off kelter as farmland and wetlands give way to concrete jungles, disrupting the ecosystem.

Since sprawled areas cast a long shadow over Dhaka’s future sustainability, this animation by Tanjil Sowgat, Shilpi Roy and Mahamudul Hasan calls for a more inclusive form of governance for rapidly transforming peripheral regions of Dhaka.

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