Watch SHLC’s animation on Dhaka to understand the importance of neighbourhood planning in addressing alarming social segregation in the city.

Burgeoning Dhaka, Bangladesh’s vibrant capital, grapples with the paradox of rapid urbanization and stark inequality. While its 10 million residents pulsate with life, essential urban services and opportunities remain elusive for many. Low-income communities languish in unserviced peripheries, while religious minorities seek solace in isolated enclaves.

This unbridled expansion, devoid of planning, fuels a pernicious segregation. Roads and basic infrastructure bypass areas at the city’s edge and leave them lagging far behind the city’s core. Affluent enclaves rise; their isolation stark against increasingly visible pockets of deprivation. If unchecked, this segregation risks plunging Dhaka into urban chaos and widening the chasm of inequality.

This animation by SHLC’s Tanjil Sowgat, Shilpi Roy and Irfan Shakil sends a message that the path forward lies in sustainable neighbourhood planning. Equitable access to services across all neighbourhoods is paramount. By tackling poverty and prioritizing equitable development, Dhaka can harness its growth not just for a selected few but for the good of all its residents.

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Neighbourhood Segregation in Dhaka