This project, which was funded by SHLC’s Capacity Development Acceleration Fund (CDAF) aims to strengthen early career researchers’ capacity to undertake neighbourhood level research (NLR) in Nigerian citiesSeminarsfieldwork and presentations will be led by facilitators including researchers, local communities, government and civil society.

The project will provide early career researchers with the skills to present policy engaged solutions to issues surrounding urban, education and health challenges in neighbourhoods of fast-growing cities, with a particular focus on Nigerian cities.  

During a 5-day capacity building project, participants will learn the theories, techniques, practice, challenges and opportunities associated with NLR; participants will take part in a field assignment and present a preliminary research plan to address critical urban, health or education challenges in communities they visited.  

Meeting Urban Residents at Neighbourhood Level Research Workshop, Nigeria. Credit: University of Lagos

Project Outputs

The project was led by Dr Basirat Oyalowo and Dr Lola Akande from the University of Lagos.

This research project ‘Strengthening Neighbourhood Level Research Capacities for Sustainable Communities in Fast-Growing Nigerian Cities‘ was funded by the Centre for Sustainable, Healthy and Learning Cities and Neighbourhoods (SHLC)’s Capacity Development Acceleration Fund