The 23rd ASEF Summer University programme was an interdisciplinary Hackathon on “Liveable Cities for a Sustainable Future” for Asian and European young professionals and students. Consisting of 3 main programme elements, the Pre-hack Phase (11-29 October 2021): “Ideation, including Challenge definition, knowledge building and stakeholder engagement”, offered all participants training and workshops to deepen their understanding of the theme of Sustainable Cities and Urbanisation, as well as provide them with an outlook on Bangladesh, India and Pakistan.

As part of the programme participants completed individual and group tasks, and were provided extra resources for self-paced learning using an e-learning platform, including a number of Background Papers on the topics that can be found at

SHLC was a major contributor to these papers with two papers from India by SHLC partner, Dr Debolina Kundu and a further paper from Bangladesh by SHLC partner, Dr Shilpi Roy:

Sustainable Urbanisation in India and Delhi: Challenges and Way Forward

Child Obesity and Urbanisation in India: An Overview with a Focus on Delhi

Sustainable Urbanisation in Bangladesh and Dhaka: Challenges and Way Forward