ESRC Festival of Social Science: Good in the hood? Fae Glasgow to Kigali

  • Wednesday 7 November, 2018
  • From 11:00-15:00
  • Netherholm Community Hall, 4 Holmbyre Terrace, Glasgow G45 9PY

Films like ‘Slumdog Millionaire’ and ‘Favela Rising’ give us a raw glimpse of what daily life is like in fast-growing cities in the developing world. But the sprawling slums of Mumbai and the fierce favelas of Rio de Janeiro are not the only neighbourhoods to be found, and life in the slums is not the only story to be told.

Rapid urbanisation and increased migration in Africa and Asia have helped drive sustainable development, and created jobs for millions who call the city their home. But fast-growing cities like Dhaka and Delhi also face growing poverty and inequality. How have neighbourhoods adapted to rapid urbanisation? What does this mean for housing, health and education? How do these neighbourhoods compare to where you live?

Come and join University of Glasgow social science researchers for a photographic exhibition, as we invite you to travel to Bangladesh and beyond. See the different neighbourhoods that make up big and bustling cities in the developing world. Explore our photographs, maps and infographics. Talk to researchers, and help us understand what makes a sustainable, healthy and learning neighbourhood.