Ramjee Bhandari

Research Fellow

Ramjee Bhandari is the Research Fellow working on the health part of the GCRF-SHLC based at University of Glasgow.

Ramjee is from Nepal, where he was trained as a public health practitioner. He held positions at Health Research and Social Development Forum (HERD) – an NGO in Nepal and Nepal Health Research Council. His roles were mostly related to engagement with the stakeholders of health system in Nepal and training and empowering the mid-level health care providers in different parts of Nepal.

Before moving to Glasgow, Ramjee did his PhD from University of Durham in the field of Health Geography. His principal research interests are in the fields of geographical inequalities in health. He is keen in exploring the role of neighbourhood and area level factors in creating the health gaps. Ramjee has done extensive research to quantify the relative contributions of individual-level factors (also known as compositional factors), the area-level factors (also known as contextual factors) and the interactions between them to produce health inequalities. He is also interested in looking at the changing urban landscape in the developing countries and how they influence the health outcomes of the people living in those areas.