Irene Richard Moshi


Irene Richard Moshi is a Social Scientist at Ifakara Health Institute (IHI) also the lead social scientist for the Sustainable Health and Learning Cities (SHLC) in Tanzania.

Irene is responsible for coordination and managing social and all other SHLC project activities in Tanzania.

Her research interests include identifying social determinants for urban heath, malaria and neglected tropical diseases on employing practical solutions social, culture and political environment. She has expertise and knowledge on application of qualitative methods in unveiling missing link between the realities in the societies and social practices. These and other skills were acquired from being involved on implementation of research projects on malaria and nutrition at grassroots level.

Ms Irene has previously held a position as the Principal Investigator for Malaria and Nutrition projects. She also provided volunteer teaching work at the IHI-Nelson Mandela University on Epidemiology in qualitative data analysis.