Ibrahim Ramadhani Msuya


Mr. Ibrahim Ramadhani Msuya is an Urban and Regional Planner, and Architect (Specializing in Urban Design) and he is working as an Urban Health and GIS Specialist at Ifakara Health Institute Dar es salaam Tanzania.

Ibrahim is responsible for studying, analysing, and mapping neighborhood characters on the case city and town, Dar es Salaam and Ifakara respectively, in SHLC project based in Tanzania. He is one among the multi-disciplinary experts who are conducting interdisciplinary and collaborative research activities on the physical and environmental aspects of ‘sustainable cities’ towards a deeper understanding of how rapid urbanization and increasing migration is impacting the social and economic sustainability of neighborhoods within cities.

His research interests are urban design and urban health especially in integrating GIS by spatial monitoring of health systems challenges through innovations in cities. He has proven ability to conduct interdisciplinary researches, a talent in visualization, skilled in GIS, Spatial Data Science and Remote Sensing, extensive knowledge of Urban Spatial Challenges and Expertise in Urban Health and Built Environment Researches.

With knowledge of urban planning and architecture, Ibrahim has previously been involved in different project teams as an individual consultant and a team member, in preparation of different cities Master Plans (Dodoma Capital City and Dar es Salaam) and Neighborhoods, with major role of integrating urban built and unbuilt environment features through geo-spatial analysis. He has also been working as a researcher on health, education and urban spaces researches in different institutions.