Amin Kamete


At the SHLC, Amin is one of the co-Investigators and the University of Glasgow Liaison for South Africa.

Amin is Senior Lecturer in Spatial Planning. He is also the Director of postgraduate Public Policy and MRes programmes. He is a member of the team that teaches at the Joint University of Glasgow–Nankai University Joint Graduate School in China.

Amin’s research interests are planning theory and practice with special emphasis on governmentality, cities, space and power in the context of development planning and development management practice vis-à-vis informality, marginality, resistance, (in)security and urban sustainability in sub-Saharan Africa. Amin is particularly interested in two themes. First, focusing on the governance of space, he is interested in the practices, strategies, attitude, behaviour and perspectives of planners and the authorities to urban informality. Second, he peers into the circumstances, tactics, actions, reactions, and perspectives of ‘informals’ in urban spaces and places.

His recent publications are on planning, informality, livelihoods, power, spatialised resistance, and urban governance in the contested urban spaces of Zimbabwe.

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