Tanjil Sowgat

In-country co-investigator

Tanjil Sowgat is a professor at Urban and Rural Planning Discipline, Khulna University. He is Currently working as the In-Country Co-Investigator and looking after the research and impact activities of SHLC project in Bangladesh. As the in-country CO-I, Tanjil is conducting and supervising the research on pattern and process of urbanisation and migration in Bangladesh, current urban management and planning practice about sustainable urbanisation, pattern and process of urban sprawl and development, and neighbourhood structure in Bangladeshi cities. He is applying different engagement tools to reach the academic, wider societal and policy-making audience. Through his activities, he ensures media coverage, creative community engagement, social media coverages, publication in journal and newspaper- so that SHLC can bring real changes to the society and policymaking.

His research interests include poverty, urbanisation, equity planning, creative impact tools, and resilient climate planning. He has received two research awards for his outstanding contribution to the culture and society while working as a research officer in PACONDAA project. He is currently working with Bangladesh Planning Commission and GIZ to co-develop a process model for delivering integrated and participatory urban planning in Bangladesh. His earlier consultancies focused on urban design guidelines in organic cities, safe cities for women and children and disaster risk reduction.

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