Limei Zhang

Associate Professor

Professor Limei Zhang is a registered planner based at Ministry of Housing and Urban-rural development of PRC, and a senior planner based at Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security of Tianjin, and Director of Urban Planning and Management Studio based at Zhou’enlai School of Government, Nankai University.

She is responsilbe for quality education research in Chinese case cities, Chongqing and Datong, in SHLC. Her studies aim at reducing the gap between urban and rural, rich and poor, permanent and floating population.

Her research interests include urban policy and strategy, urban landuse, particularly in transportation, regional plan and urban security and risk management.She has methodological expertise in the use of spatial analytical methods and longstanding experience of directing conducted planning projects that work at the interface between basical government , local government and residents.

Limei has previously held position at Tianjin Urban Planning & Design Institute. She has worked with a wide rang of planning project, including strategic plan, master plan, detail plan, landscape plan and so on. She has won many project awards from central and local government.Her classic projects are Pilot free trade zone of South Sichuan harbor urban design, Zibo high speed station spatial development plan, Regional spatial development plan of Baiyangdian area, Baoding City. She is scholar visitor of urban studies at School of social and political sciences, in University of Glasgow.