Gemma Todd


Ms Todd is the Co-Investigator for Tanzania within the SHLC project. Based in Ifakara Health Institute, Tanzania, Ms. Todd is leading urban and multi-disciplinary research in the Institute. As the Co-Investigator, Ms. Todd’s key responsibility include leading the Tanzania team through the stages of research under SHLC, building a strong capacity for urban health and learning research in Tanzania, and overseeing the technical and managerial aspects of the project.

Ms. Todd is a Geographer, gaining a BA in Human Geography at the University of Southampton and MSc in Urbanisation and Development at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Recognising the power of evidence, Ms. Todd has worked across different levels of international development programmes and research in East Africa, keen to understand the relations between space and society and how to impact inclusive change. Ms. Todd’s experience spans across the health, education and social protection sectors working closely with communities, policy makers and development partners. Ms. Todd’s objective in research is to ensure the voices, and realities of urban dwellers, are captured but also led to impactful innovation. An interesting gap to be explored by Ms. Todd is of ‘learning’ within cities, what does learning mean and what spaces enable the process for all dwellers?

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