Chongying Wang

Associate Professor

Dr. Chongying Wang is the founding director of Center for Behavioural Sciences, School of Medicine, Nankai University. She is responsible for health at SHLC. Her research interest is public health and administrative management of public health policy.

Her recent research in China has mainly focused on young children in the fields of public health, such as, early identification and early intervention of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). As the PI of a big government project of ASD (2013~2020), she has trained all the child health doctors in Tianjin on the developmental surveillance of ASD and established a big database enrolled with more than 100,000 young children each year in Tianjin, China. She has more than ten years’ research experience in UK and USA, collaborated with a wide range of international scientists and served clients in different regions, such as, UK, USA, Australia, Canana, the Netherlands, etc.

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