Annlouise Castro

Communications and Engagement Strategist

Ms. Annlouise Castro is the Communications and Engagement Strategist for the Philippines of the GCRF Centre for Sustainable, Healthy, and Learning Cities and Neighborhoods, a project supported by the Global Challenges Research Fund of UK Research and Innovation.

Annlouise’s research interest is mainly in the field of climate change/disaster risk reduction in agricultural planning. Her first job at the Department of Agrarian Reform exposed her to the field of agriculture and planning for Agrarian Reform Communities (ARCs). Part of our work was to monitor and evaluate projects in these communities, and interacting with local farmers developed my appreciation for the crucial role of agriculture in the country. The Philippines is largely agricultural; as such, there is still a vast area that needs to be constantly aided with research, practical application of knowledge. The Philippines is likewise located in an area of Asia where it is plagued yearly by several disasters. The agricultural sector suffers largely from it, and losses are always devastating. With planning being a multidisciplinary field, Annlouise wants to concentrate my researches in the area of climate change and disaster risk reduction and management in agriculture.