Andre Ortega

Research Fellow

Dr. Ortega is a research fellow at the SHLC and is primarily responsible for conducting comparative analyses of urbanisation across the case study cities in Africa and Asia.

Dr. Ortega is a human geographer and critical demographer whose interests lie at the intersection of urbanisation and migration. His research examines contested production of urban spaces, particularly in how transnational mobilities of migrants, capital, and ideas have spurred accumulation by dispossession in the Global South. Through an interdisciplinary lens and feminist perspective, he uses a mixed methods and participatory approaches that meld qualitative and quantitative methods to expose spaces of inequality and dispossession and foster solidarity. As a scholar committed to social justice, Andre is interested in developing creative ways of translating knowledge into practice and in actively engaging in participatory action research projects with marginalized populations. More recently, he has been actively involved in counter-mapping initiatives with scholars, artists, and activists in the Philippines. His articles have appeared in the Annals of the Association of American Geographers, Urban Geography, Cities, Geoforum, among others. He published a book entitled “Neoliberalizing Spaces in the Philippines: Suburbanization, Transnational Migration, and Dispossession”, which won the 2018 Institute of Philippine Culture Award for Best Global Research About the Philippines and the 2017 Philippine Social Science Council Virginia Miralao Award for Research.

Andre received his Ph.D. at the University of Washington in Seattle, USA. He taught in the University of the Philippines for several years. He was also an Urban Studies Foundation fellow at York University in Toronto, Canada. His work and collaborative engagements have been supported by multiple institutions such as the Fulbright Program, International Social Science Council, Urban Studies Foundation, and Scottish Funding Council.

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